When Magic Meets Marketing

When Magic Meets Marketing

Magic and marketing in the same sentence?

It’s happening.

If love is the frequency of magic, and gratitude is the energy of it… 

This work invites love and gratitude into your work.

I love what I do, especially after getting really clear about how I serve people. 

The work that I do – helping people market themselves in a way that is aligned and empowered – is quite literally a soul-driven mission of mine. 

There is nothing more fulfilling to me than seeing the moments when things start to *click* in my clients. And, believe me, I can actually see and feel the moment when it happens. It’s a full body experience. Almost simultaneously, I get a chill down my spine as I see something light up in their eyes.

It’s a connection point I get when I know I’m speaking the truth of my heart… and theirs. 

And I’m so incredibly grateful that I get to do this for people – helping them define the truth of their heart as it relates to the strength of their work. 

For me, it has always been a gift of mine to help people get to the heart of what they do. I use my methods (the L.I.F.E., S.O.U.L. and L.O.V.E. Methods) to get us there. It all begins by diving into the actual transformation you provide.

What is it that they truly and uniquely bring to the table that changes the life of another? 

How are they the representation of their own transformation?

How are they aligned to their work in the way their clients would be aligned to their work?

When we connect the dots from their past to their present, what is the deeper meaning, the deeper purpose for their work?

This is when my clients get excited. They’re astounded. “This deeper meaning behind my work was sitting before me all along and I never realized it until now. How exciting that I get to talk about something that is so close to my heart and aligned with my soul.”

Talk about magic…

This is the magic of marketing. The love and gratitude that automatically erupts from you when you finally know how to “show up, be seen and shine.” 

When it doesn’t even feel like marketing, selling, promoting anymore… 

It’s simply your truth and an invitation for others to experience it.

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