The Deeper Meaning Behind Your Work

The Deeper Meaning Behind Your Work

What is the deeper meaning behind your work?

This week in the workshop series, it’s all about the S.O.U.L. Method. 

What are the…


Observations from Childhood?

Unique Strengths & Skills?

Life Lessons & Experiences?

…That got you to where you are today, doing what you do today, and with so much purpose and passion for it?

Because believe it or not – this type of self-discovery work (connecting the dots from the past to the present) informs the way we market ourselves and show up for that marketing in a big way.

There’s more to what you do than just the modality or the technique or the industry you’re in.

There’s a bigger reason, a bigger purpose behind it all. 

And that bigger thing – is what makes it all worth it. 

It’s what brings it altogether. 

It’s the message behind your work.

It’s the anchor of your work. 

That’s the power of soul’d. We’re bringing the business of business building back to our innate truth, our inner knowing, our power. 

Speaking of the business of business building…

One of the biggest reasons behind the live version of my workshop series – valuable accessibility to high quality and meaningful marketing support. 

Are you a member of an organization or community that could use a boost in the marketing benefits they provide to their members?

I’m currently working on bringing Soul’d to the organizations that could use some help in 1) reconnection opportunities for their members (in the form of member-focused events, retreats, etc.) and, 2) business strategy options (in the form of on-site marketing support and sponsored workshops/intensives).

If you’re a member of a member-based organization, do you see an opportunity where you’d like to receive more support?

Feel free to send me an email or book a chat with me to discuss this more!

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