Magical Marketing Open

Magical Marketing: Opens 2/1/2023

It’s story time! (More on Magical Marketing later!)

(I think you’ll like this one.)

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been in the marketing industry since 2009. And I started my business as a marketing consultant in 2013.

And I’ve truly seen it all

  • From when I was contracted to work with digital marketing agencies… 🙄
  • To when I would consult within marketing departments of large corporate firms… 😑
  • To when I’d work for ego-centric business owners who only cared for the bottom line, no matter how unsustainable and unethical the cost was to get there. 😳

And then there were the passionate, big-hearted business owners, like you and me, who truly wanted to thrive doing the work they felt called to do.

These people had their souls intricately tied to their work. Their greater purpose was woven into their career path.

They wanted to promote themselves, but the marketing world being as it was, held them back.

I tried to help by making the same old “tried and true marketing practices” approachable. After all, these were the practices I had learned along my way. They must work for everyone.

  • The hustling…
  • The grinding away…
  • The uncomfortable sales tactics…
  • The fear-based ploys…
  • The numbers games…
  • Overcoming objections (omg 🤢)…
  • The constant and continuous pounding on the pavement to make a buck.

Every time I gave marketing advice from this traditional perspective, I’d feel awful. I would literally feel sick to my stomach.

And so I stopped. I was done with the old way –  the outdated, broken approach to marketing that made entrepreneurs dread it.

Instead, I prayed. 🙏

“Show me a better way, and I promise I will teach others how to do the same.”

The spark was lit in 2020. And now, it’s on fire. 🔥

I not only make marketing easy, fun and enjoyable, I make it magical.

Because my kind of marketing is rooted in the very transformation that you provide – the one that you are so good at, the one you’ve achieved for yourself, the one that is so deeply ingrained within you, you can feel it in your bones.

If you know me at all, you know that I’ve never been one for trade-offs.

I want to marketing to be both ethical AND effective. I want to be at peace AND prosperous in my business.

I’m done listening to everyone telling me I can’t have it all. I’m here to tell you that you can.

You can actually, truly, really love marketing yourself. (And by the way, these days, that’s exactly what will attract more business to you.)

Like moths to an ever-blazing flame.🔥

Let’s elevate your marketing. Let’s mix your magic into it. Let’s light it up.

My Magical Marketing suite of 1:1s and digital offerings opens Wednesday, February 1.

I’m ready. Are you? 🪄

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