Spreading the Love + WTF is Magic Marketing

Spreading the LOVE + WTF is Magic Marketing?

I’m spreading the love this month.❤️
But first…I want to answer your deepest question:
WTF is Magic Marketing?
Good question!
If you’ve been around for awhile, I’m guessing you’ve wondered this once or twice.
I’ve often wondered it myself… except it sounds more like: “Why TF did God, the universe and my higher self grant me this path?”

The answer is simple, and it’s also the answer to why you were put on your path, too…The transformation you provide to others through your work is something that you and *only* you can do.Hear me out…

There’s nobody else like you. Nobody else has the same unique blend of talents, experience, skillset, and know-how… as you.

My “magical marketing” approach is rooted in this transformative power of your work. That is where we always start – at the root of it all.

From there, I provide the *practical* tools you need to put it all into practice.

These tools help you learn how you are meant to show up, be seen and shine (aka market yourself) in a way that is uniquely and wholeheartedly, you.

This is what makes it magical…

🫶 When you no longer have to follow an out-dated and broken playbook of marketing tactics that just make you feel gross.

🫶 When you no longer have to show up as someone you’re not and put on a “marketing mask” that doesn’t look or sound like you.

🫶 When you no longer have to do it the way that everyone else does… you can finally be free of promoting yourself in a way that just feels *wrong* deep in your bones.

Everyone has the power to market themselves – easily, ethically and effectively.

I truly, deeply, believe that you are capable of this.

It’s time you start believing it, too.

I’m hosting a series of pay-what-you-can workshops for two communities that I’m in. (Yes, my marketing strategy does not start and stop with Instagram and Facebook, and yours doesn’t need to either.)

If you’re a Heartwood member, head to your inbox or the Heartwood website to sign up for the workshop on February 21, at 12pm CST.

If you’re a Tribe member, head to the Pro Level Member portal and sign upfor the workshop on February 23, at 12pm CST.

If you’re in neither, feel free to respond to this email and I’ll send you the info to join me as my guest. (Hey, you might even be inspired to join one!)
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