Marketing IS Manifesting

Marketing *is* Manifesting

One thing my people love is the power of manifesting.

And while we absolutely *love* the magic of manifesting, we forget that marketing actually *is* manifesting… in action. 

Meaning: through marketing, you are quite literally taking the “action” part of co-creating with the Universe. You’re showing that you are ready to give and receive. You’re putting energy out so that you can bring energy in.  

The problem is that marketing has been defined as Facebook ads, email funnels, analytics… oh my! And then selling is generally seen as tacky, annoying and manipulative… woof.

This is why I need you to love your marketing. 

Because, #truthbomb, every business needs marketing. You can’t manifest your dream clients and your dream salary without taking the appropriate action steps necessary to build your dream business. 

Now, you may be wondering, “ok, got it, Christina, so how do I get started?”

Start by getting crystal clear on a message about what you do that you can truly, deeply and enthusiastically believe in. 

Because believing is the name of the game. 

When you believe in something, you show up for it. It’s your fuel, it’s your drive, it’s the thing that lights you up.And nobody is going to believe in what you do more than you. 

But listen: it’s gotta be aligned to you. It’s gotta be authentic to you. Without these two qualities, the message is meaningless. 

So, give some meaning to what you do, the transformation you provide and your big why. 

Need help? Click here for some options to start  manifesting via your marketing.

That’s the kind of marketing magic I’m all about.

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