Prosperity is an Inside Job

Prosperity Is An Inside Job

If I know anything about you, you started your business to be prosperous.

Prosperity makes life lighter, simpler, freer. Because, by its very definition, it considers your wellbeing. 

Which is something you have always considered! You genuinely understand and value the importance of your wellbeing as it relates to how you live and work. 

Prosperity is the means through which you achieve your spiritual purpose. 

It’s the equivalent of what I like to call being “divinely resourced.”

So how do you become divinely resourced?

You get *really* clear about the *actual* transformation you provide and create a marketing and business foundation built on THAT.

That truth, that knowing, that crystal clear “thing” that magnetizes your people right to you. 

Next week I’m hosting the first of three workshops that will build your marketing foundation for you. 

No joke – you’re going to walk away from this series with a marketing strategy that you can actually get excited about!

Listen – I’ve got over 15 years of experience in the industry, 10 years of it in my own business. Trust me when I say – I’ve seen it ALL. And I haven’t been able to find an offering out there that’s like this – at this rate, with personalized attention from a 15 year veteran, and with a conscious focus leading the way. IT DOESN’T EXIST! Until now.  

The agenda for each of the three workshops will go as follows:

  1. Creating an intention.
  2. Learning the method (L.I.F.E., S.O.U.L., and L.O.V.E. respectively.) 
  3. Diving into the questions and prompts associated with the method.
  4. Receiving real-time feedback with me personally. 

As we exit this fiery season of summer and head back into our regular routines, let me help you create a marketing strategy that you can root yourself into and finally explore the possibilities of prosperity. 

It’s time to move forward in a practical and tactical way that is also divinely connected.

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Bonus #1: All attendees will receive a special discount for my upcoming “Become Divinely Resourced” 1 Day Retreat.

Bonus #2: Want to sign up with a friend? You both get an additional $22 off. Use code FRIENDS at checkout!

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