Ethical Marketing = No More BS

Ethical Marketing = No More BS

Here’s what ethical marketing comes down to: NO MORE BS.

We don’t need to overcomplicate this. ​​

Ethical marketing means you finally own and can articulate what you actually do so that you can market something real. 

No need to add in the fluff and the buzzwords and whatever is trending. 

No need to make​ potential buyers feel incapable, disempowered and coerced.

No need to use emotionally manipulative language and fear-based tactics to elicit shame, failure, fear, unworthiness, etc. 

No need to sell people on your personal values, beliefs, lifestyle, etc. 

M​agic marketing requires alignment, authenticity and integrity on all fronts and at all touchpoints. 

Magic marketing requires no pressure, pushing or ploys on all fronts and at all touchpoints. 

Marketing can be magical… without feeling like trickery. It can be the kind of magic that *feels good,* that creates that spark of empowerment and inspiration, that makes us feel as though we are not alone in this life. 

To me, every moment in my life that had deep, heartfelt meaning also had a certain kind of magic to it. 

And so, I’m putting magic back into marketing and teaching you how to do so too!

Because the magic is you… 

If you’re thinking “I could really use some help with this,” then join me for one of the pay-as-you-can marketing workshops I’m hosting next week! Scroll down too them here: 

I’ll be sharing one of my methods with you for how you can truly tap into the transformation that you provide and gain alignment and authenticity with the *words you use* to sell it. 

In full disclosure, I will be selling a 1:1 offer at the end of this workshop – not because I will leave you hanging on anything we talk about. This is for those who feel called to receive my personal assistance with the method.

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