The One Big Benefit of Clarity Everyone Forgets

The One Big Benefit of Clarity Everyone Forgets

Yesterday, if you attended the free Soul-Powered Masterclass, I guided you through my entrepreneurial approach to The L.I.F.E. Method… and in return, you got a lot of clarity.

We examined your desired business lifestyle, how you want to identify as a business owner, the feelings you want to feel while you’re working, and how you want to express yourself from not only a content perspective but also from a communication perspective.

If you want a refresher of what was learned, visit the replay HERE. (This replay will only be available until August 15!)

The point of it all: You need this clarity before you can create, or build, or grow anything.

Why do you need this clarity? Because when you create something – whether it’s a business, a campaign, or even a blog – from a place of uncertainty, chances are you’ll sustain that uncertainty. Your communication is unclear. People don’t know what you do, who you are or what you’re selling. You’re spinning your wheels around strategies, and what’s worse is the thoughts of lack and scarcity can creep into your mindset.

Clarity is always the first step. Always.

Until August 15, I’m offering a $111 discount from the Soul-Powered Business Program so that the total is only $444, using code: SOULPOWERED at checkout.

(Because, once you know how you want to show up via The L.I.F.E. Method, you’ve got to actually make it happen. That’s where my program comes in.)

You get lifetime access to the curriculum, to the community and to yours truly once you enroll. For details about the program, go HERE.

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