The New Paradigm of Business Building: Prioritizing Your Peace

Prioritizing my peace has been my practice lately in everything from business building to nurturing my home life to taking care of myself.

Aside from the fact that it’s so essential to the next layer of Soul’d (I collect LOTS of data from my own experiences before releasing a method or offering), it’s also essential to my big picture vision. 

And so right now, I’m playing with and acquiring the tools, tactics, disciplines, ways of thinking, mindsets, rituals, etc. that help to *ground* this in. 

So that prioritizing my peace becomes a habit – a muscle that I can readily and automatically flex as if it’s just simply me. 

Because that’s what we all want at the end of it all, I think.

The new paradigm of business building is rooted in a new way of thinking and being.

We’re leaping out of survival mode and getting comfortable thriving.

Within ourselves first. 

And then all around us.

And thriving must be grounded in peace. Always. In all ways. 

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