The Box of Business is Breaking

The Box of Business is Breaking

The box of business is breaking. 

I may be a little ahead of my time here, but I’m feeling into the idea that the notions, principles, standards of business as we know them, are starting to crumble.

Meaning: the word “business” may not even be a word we’ll be using anymore.

Let’s think about business – a historically male-dominated venture for the purpose of trading goods and services in exchange for monetary gains or profits, all in an effort to provide for themselves and their families back at home. 

And those of us who are trying to “do business” differently are triggering the F out of others who don’t see it outside of the box that it’s in. 

I’m having trouble referring to my business as a business lately, and it’s mostly because I don’t see myself embodying the role of business owner that I’ve seen in my own lineage and many others. 

It’s not that I don’t want to sell or give or provide. 

It’s that I don’t want the pressure and stress and a hyper-active masculine energy behind my work. 

Business is inherently masculine by its very nature. 

And I’ve learned to put the “masculine” side of me in over-drive to the point of exhaustion and burn out in order to achieve, accomplish and succeed. 

I’m not doing it anymore. I won’t. 

And so I’m doing it differently. Because I sense a better way. I know there’s one. I can feel it in my bones.  

This doesn’t mean that the better way is a “feminine” approach. 

But perhaps there can be something softer, more embodied, more radiant, more magnetic in the way we approach business that decreases the pressure for us to constantly and consistently do. 

We’re not there yet. But it’s coming. 

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