The Other Side of Marketing

The Other Side of Marketing (& It’s NOT About the Strategy)

This past weekend, I channeled two new methods that I’ve been working on internally for several months now. However, they have nothing to do with marketing.

And I’m going to call them: My Money Methods. 

Now, you may be thinking: Christina, how are marketing and money related? 

Well, money is a result of marketing… You market to make money. As a result of serving others, we receive payment. As a result of marketing, we receive the business. Right? 

Here are some of the many problems I see about money and marketing within the heart-centered entrepreneurial space:

  1. Demonizing money is not gonna serve you or the greater good. Money is a neutral resource. It’s the meaning we apply to it that gives it its vibe. We have to change the way we think about earning so that we can change the way we earn. It’s possible to have a business that: 1) you love, 2) helps others, 3) serves a higher calling, and 4) flourishes financially.
  2. “Marketing money” is where coaches and consultants venture into the murky waters of questionable ethics. I will never teach you to “market about the money,” or say, “tell your audience how much money you’ll help them make.” And by the way, if there is any marketer who tells you to do this, RUN! My Money Methods have nothing to do with how you get the word out about your business. (P.S. That’s what my other methods are for!)
  3. Making money doesn’t mean you are evil, low vibe, ego-centric, or any of the other negative connotations that have been perpetuated by many in the spiritual community. My mission has always been to put heart-centered, soul-powered entrepreneurs at the forefront of the entrepreneurial world… to give them the power to create conscious and ever-lasting *change* in their communities and the wider world. I can’t do that if they’re poor. 

The bottom line is this: I can teach you how to market yourself – in a way that actually feels true and good and exciting to you. 

I can make marketing yourself easy, ethical and exciting. I can make it effective, too.

But strategy is just one side of marketing.

The other side of marketing is about you – as an entrepreneur, in your power, rising, expanding, elevating yourself. 

If you want to take your business to the next level, ask me about strategy – all day, every day. 

But also…

Ask me who you have to become.

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