To Connect with Others Reconnect with Yourself

To Connect with Others, First Reconnect with Yourself

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from marketing myself in different ways over the past year is that in order for me to have any kind of impact, I need to deeply and completely align with my message. In other words, I need to reconnect with myself. 

If I slap something together, rush my creative process, or haphazardly share content that isn’t from my heart, it doesn’t work out that well. The reach is low, the response is flat and the vibe isn’t in line with who I am. Have you done this before? Or felt like this before? 

This week I’m releasing a resource that will help you connect before you create. 

Reconnecting with Yourself

By reconnecting with yourself, I mean centering yourself, calming yourself, returning to your middle space, returning to perspective. In its essence, we are reconnecting to our power and our presence. This way you can create content, communication and messaging that is aligned to your voice. It’s not forced. It’s not inauthentic. It’s you creating from your truest self. 

We are going to create a sequence of movements, or a routine, that you will practice when you want to align. It’s intuitive, so it’s based on how you want to move and breathe and be. 

When you connect with your true power and your true presence, you speak a different language: the language of your soul.

Tony Robbins, Melissa Wood, and loads of other entrepreneurs have a specific protocol for getting to this place of realignment. And it’s called many things. Some call it priming. Some call it mindfulness. Some call it an activation. It’s unique for everyone though, so make sure you move the way your soul wants to move. 

This practice is absolutely essential for getting into a creative mindset, a flow state, and an intentional strategy.

Why You Must Reconnect 

Doing this will help you connect with yourself more – your truth, your inner voice, your inherent wisdom. What is yours telling you? What are you afraid of doing? What are you afraid of saying? 

Is your message aligned with what you believe? Or are you still playing it safe? Is your communication a reflection of your spirit, or are you coming off as a different person? Are you being yourself through it all? Are you fully acknowledging and embracing any discomfort that might arise? Are you pushing yourself? 

I talk all the time about how as aligned entrepreneurs we want to take action that is aligned. This doesn’t always mean alignment feels good. If you’re truly aligned with your soul mission, I can tell you right now you’re most likely feeling a lot of discomfort most of the time. That’s what we’re here to do: grow, evolve, change and become. If you’re always comfortable, you might always feel good. But how much better will you feel once you overcome the discomfort of something? I’m guessing you’d feel really, really good. Being aligned and acting in alignment doesn’t feel good all the time. Sometimes it’s downright scary. But the other side of this fear? Feels utterly amazing. It feels like freedom, like you’re alive in a new way. 

Make this a regular routine for yourself. Whether it’s every morning, or before you create something, or before you meet with clients, reconnect with yourself. Take the 2 mins to practice your sequence of movements that bring you back to you. I think you’ll be amazed at the results. 

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