Top 3 Secrets to Being Consistent to Achieve Your Vision

Top 3 Secrets to Being Consistent to Achieve Your Vision

You’ve got big dreams, but are you being consistent while showing up for them? 

As the creator of The L.I.F.E. Method, here’s one thing I know to be true: You can have laser-focused vision for your future, but you’ve gotta show up consistently for it, day in and day out.

Admittedly, that’s one piece of my method that I’m currently renovating and updating. I want to help you create a vision and a plan of action, but I also want to help you stick to it. My new and improved method will include a variety of ways for you to maintain your vision and keep moving towards it every day. 

If there’s one quality about myself that I need you to know about, it’s this: showing up for my life and business in the way that propels me closer to my greater vision is something that I have mastered. And now, I’m able to guide others to do the same. 

If you haven’t worked with me directly, I want to provide you with a few ideas as to how you can improve your consistency. 

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself for a gentle, but effective, push in the right direction. 

3 Questions to Get Consistent

What does your future self want? How is it different from what your current self wants right now? (Example: My future self wants to sell out my Soul-Powered program this Spring, and monthly thereafter. My current self wants to dilly dally and wAiT FoR tHe RiGhT TiMiNg.) 

The simple things you do are far better than the complicated things you don’t do. What are simple steps you can take right now to work towards your vision? (Example: I could write up content for my evergreen sales funnel, one email per day.)

Change stems from new habits. What is one new habit you can integrate into your daily life right now that will get you closer to your desired results and reality? (Example: I could get more comfortable talking about my program and boosting my self-confidence by showing up more face-to-camera to all of my audiences.) 

We often make things more challenging than they need to be. We create these big visions for our future, and then we lose steam by getting overwhelmed or frustrated by the slow and steady process it takes to get there. With these 3 questions, hopefully you’ll be making strides towards your goals much faster, because when your desires are strong and the will to achieve is there, anything is possible. 

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