Brand Archetypes - Why and How to Use them in Business

Using Brand Archetypes in Your Business

The tips that I’m about to share with you in today’s blog about brand archetypes are specifically related to your personality as a brand. All brands have personalities. These can also be viewed as a brand image. I personally like the term personality because it’s often easier for me to step into a personality than it is an image when I write. 

Brand Archetypes & Copywriting

If you’ve ever heard of the 12 archetypes, these are essentially characters with goals, fears and strategies. Each of us is able to identify with at least one archetype. I personally work with 3 different archetypes in my copywriting, using more or less of one in different platforms and promotions. I’ll share details on those later on.

Once you figure out which brand archetype you are most aligned with, you can then craft your brand, your messaging and your offerings in a way that creates understanding and familiarity. When people understand your brand, you can build that like, know and trust factor that is so necessary in today’s marketplaces. 

Now I’m going to describe each of the 12 archetypes, but I encourage you to also do some research if one or two of them feels aligned with who you are and what you believe you are meant to do. I personally get my information about the archetypes from Kaye Putnam. She is a Psychology Driven Brand Strategist and she has an amazing quiz on her site that will help you tap into your brand character. The descriptions that I’m about to provide you with originated from her and her site. 

The Brand Archetypes Explained (via Kaye Putnam)

  • The Caregiver is empathetic, generous, and committed. You serve your people by putting the focus on them and their needs. Those you serve feel safe and supported in their pursuits.
  • The Creator is inventive, unique, and vibrant. You intend to inspire creativity in everyone around you. You help us realize our unique vision, and to express ourselves and our individuality.
  • The Entertainer is humorous, light-hearted, and the life of any party. You’re playful and excited to help others get more enjoyment out of life!
  • The Everyman is friendly, down-to-earth, and loyal. You remind us to do the hard work and stay humble. You’re right at home building a community that is accepting, honest, and vulnerable.
  • The Explorer is the trailblazer and adventurer. You are among the few who dare investigate the world. You help us find more of the freedom and fulfillment we seek.
  • The Hero is a warrior and the victor. Your goal is to show your clients the ample rewards that come from hard work and discipline. You inspire us, as you overcome challenges like a champion.
  • The Innocent is optimistic and pure. You show us that being a good person and seeing the bright side brings out the best in others. Your brand loves simplicity – the world doesn’t have to be complicated.
  • The Lover is passionate and devoted to your people. You cherish pleasure and relationships. You desire a world where people appreciate beauty in life, so aesthetics are crucial to blazoning your brand message.
  • The Magician is a visionary, an inventor, or even a spiritual guide. Your goal is to transform lives.
  • The Maverick is bold, revolutionary, and unapologetic. You do things your way. In your wake, the status quo is disrupted. If something isn’t working, it’s overturned. Those with you find freedom.
  • The Royal is sophisticated, ambitious, and influential. Your goal is to build a prosperous and successful community. You lead by example. Your captivated audience aspires to be a part of your inner circle.
  • The Sage is analytical and wise. You know how to employ the truth to make your impact. You are the expert, the thinker. You value knowledge and facts, and your aim is to share those insights with the world.

How I Work with Brand Archetypes

Now, as I said earlier, I work with 3 archetypes, and I’ll tell you what they are: The Explorer, The Creator, and The Magician. When I use these archetypes, I’m putting myself in the mindset of those specific personalities, and I’m also leveraging their colors, typefaces, symbols and words that come with them. For example, the Explorer carries with it more earthy tones, so you’ll see a lot of earthy and neutral tones in my brand. I also enjoy using Explorer symbols, so you’ll see lots of star emojis within my content and on social media. Now, the Creator in me is a little more vibrant and unpredictable, so you’ll see brush strokes in my designs and pops of color here and there. The fonts I also use have a unique and expressive flow and vibe as well. And when it comes to the Magician, I pay more attention to the words associated with it, such as: Alignment, Empower, Vision, Imagine, Discover – things like that. 

Think about what archetype you might want to integrate into your copy and brand. Aside from building a like, know and trust factor, the archetypes really do help you establish more of an emotional connection with your ideal customers. Do some research and have fun with this. 

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