Video: What Matters to You About What You Do?

We all have a message that we need to share related to our business in order to express and promote our skills, our brand and our purpose. One way I explain this is through the following statement: Your voice is the anchor to your work.

When I say that the voice is the anchor to your work. I mean this quite literally. An anchor “something that provides stability or confidence in an otherwise uncertain situation.” So, when I say your voice is the anchor to your work, what I’m saying is that while your skills and abilities can speak for themselves, it is actually your voice, or your message, which includes your ideas and your opinions, that sell. It is your voice that captures another’s attention, defines what you do, who you help and how, and becomes memorable. 

As business owners, we naturally let our skills speak for themselves. However, our skills alone can only express so much of our work. What we do is only part of the overall purpose for why we are here. There’s another part that is much deeper and that truly allows our skills to shine. This part is our voice, and our ideas, about what we do. Our voice is the anchor to our work. 

So, what matters to you about what you do? 

In this video, we talked about:

  • My go-to statement about how our voice impacts our work,
  • Our skills vs our messaging and the difference between them,
  • What “the anchor” is typically buried under,
  • Why I now live by this quote: “Be a voice. Not an echo.”
  • How I lost my voice but found it again, and 
  • Several questions and prompts to help you find yours.