“Be a voice. Not an echo.”

“Be a voice. Not an echo.”

Have you heard this quote before? “Be a voice. Not an echo.”

When you think about how you express your own opinions and truth and ideas through your voice, what comes to mind? 

I’ll share what comes to my mind: 

I think of all the times that I thought my own voice wasn’t good enough. As a marketing consultant, while I was teaching or training, I would echo what other experts in the industry said. The only time I ever shared my own original ideas was when people asked me for my personal opinion on their own specific problem.

(And of course, as spirit does, I would get a shiver down my spine the moment I spoke my from my heart.)

If “truth” and “alignment” feels like anything, it’s that. 

Think About Your Voice:

Are you voicing something original? Or are you echoing what’s popular in your field?

If our message is one of our key differentiators as entrepreneurs (meaning one of the ONLY ways we can stand out), are you truly speaking up and speaking out? 

What can you share with others that will help them relate more, think harder, and truly *see* the possibilities out there for them?

When you truly find your voice, use it – in everything you do and everywhere you do it. 

Because it matters, and you deserve to be heard. 

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