Video: Your Business’ Messaging Begins within You

I’m uncomfortable almost every day these days.

And it’s not the painful, anxious, stressful kind of uncomfortable. It’s more like stage fright. It’s a mix of anticipation and nervousness and excitement.

My business requires that I show up and speak up. I share my experiences, my truth, and my journey so that others can see glimpses of their own. I do this in service, so that they can view me as a source of support and inspiration. If they choose to work with me, they do so through the customer journey I’ve created for them.

My personal and professional goal is that my audience grows and expands, and in turn, I reach more and more people, simply through my voice, my word, my truth.

Rediscovering my voice and using it through speaking and writing literally brings me to life in ways I can’t even explain (ironically). 

And when it’s specifically about my passion and my purpose, as it relates to my business, it’s like I feel a current of wind at my back and energy in my bones. I quite literally come alive. 

Do you know what that feels like? When you’ve connected with your purpose in such a way, and expressed yourself in such a way, that you feel a new form of alive??

In this video, we talked about:

  • How to distinguish your messages from all the noise,
  • The truth about authenticity and the vibes that come with it,
  • The role of discomfort on your journey to finding your voice and messages,
  • What it feels like when you actually connect with your messages and speak from your heart,
  • The role of clarity and focus when it comes to our content, and 
  • Why your stories and experiences lead the way.

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