What are you devoted to?

What are you devoted to?

Lately I’ve been thinking about, “What am I devoted to?”

And it comes at a time when I’m allowing myself to open to even deeper levels of peace, pleasure and ease. 

As a woman who descends from a lineage of male entrepreneurs, doing things a little differently in business feels exciting, but also wildly terrifying. 

Because sometimes I do want to do what has worked for those who came before me.

Even if it costs me my health, well-being, sanity and happiness. 

They figured out a way and it worked. It involved a lot of control, pressure, and stress, but it worked. 

However, because of my calling, “Soul’d,” that path is simply no longer available to me. 

And so, in discovering what I’m devoted to, I get to allow my desires to guide me in how I move in every area of my life. 

I’m devoted to my well-being, my body and my spirit.

I’m devoted to my family.

I’m devoted to my movement: Soul’d – serving other business owners by helping them market themselves with integrity, message themselves in a way that reflects their true essence, and monetizing themselves in a way that allows them to be divinely resourced. 

These are the things that get me out of bed every day. 

And the habits and routines I’ve created for myself serve my devotions. This is what moves me now.

Let’s take this a step further with The L.I.F.E. Method – my desired lifestyle, identity, feelings and expression are all rooted within me because I’ve decided what I’m devoted to.

So, what are you devoted to?

What are you here for?

What’s moving you?

I think you get to a point on this journey of self-discovery where you become so self-contained, so trusting of yourself, that you’re finally ready to move in a direction, from aa higher perspective, with clarity and focus. 

Where are you going?

The way there is through you.

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