What this Whole Soul-Powered Thing is Really About

In a previous blog, I gave a deeper look into what it means to be soul-powered. Below is a video describing it in greater detail.

In the meantime, save the date for Tuesday, August 10 at 12pm CST for a FREE masterclass all about your discovering and leveraging YOUR soul-power. Because believe it or not, yes – you have it too, and I’m going to help you light it up. 

In this video, we talked about:

  • How the whole “soul-powered” thing came up,
  • What I used to Google all the time and get the same results, 
  • What the memorable businesses do to stand out, 
  • Why relating emotions is key, 
  • Info about a free masterclass that will help you discover your soul-power, and
  • Questions to ask yourself to get started in finding yours!

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