How to "Power Up" Your Business

How to “Power Up” Your Business

One thing I used to Google more than anything else is this… How to Power Up Your Business… And I get the same old, same old… “Start an email list. Join a Facebook Group. Guest blog on like-minded sites.” 

These are all great tips to get your business “out there” into the world, but they don’t really speak to the ways you can make your business into something that people want to pay attention to. 

You know those businesses, brands and personalities out there that just have so much light and energy around them that you just have to be a part of it? Either as a customer, or as a loyal ambassador or as simply someone who shares their posts from time to time, you join in because there’s something about them that ignites something within you. 

They’ve tugged on your heart strings. They’ve spoken to you in a way that makes you feel seen. They represent a piece of you that you value. They’ve touched the essence of your being in a deep and profound way.

Think about some of those that you follow. They definitely have that “it factor,” that one “thing” that makes their work super unique, desirable and even iconic.

What I’m referring to is what I like to call a “soul-power” – a word that I frequently use as a noun, verb and adjective when I describe what this “it factor” and “thing” truly is. It is your essence, your magic, your light, the stuff that makes up who you are. It represents what you’re here to do, how you’re meant to do it, and what you’ve gotta say about it.

The brands that light you up have discovered it, leveraged it and allowed it to guide their own entrepreneurial paths. 

Have you discovered yours? Have you leveraged it? And are you letting it be your guide?

Below are some questions to get you started. In the meantime, save the date of Tuesday, August 10 at 12pm CST for a FREE masterclass all about your discovering and leveraging YOUR soul-power. Yes – you have it too, and I’m going to help you light it up. 

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