What You Need to Share More in order to Sell More

What you Need to Share More in order to Sell More

Drumroll please… it’s your story. Your story is what you need to share more of in order to sell more. 

I’m guessing you didn’t just pick your career on a whim. There’s something there, and maybe you haven’t even realized it yet, that drew you to the thing that you do. There’s a greater purpose there, and therefore a greater reason. We all have a reason for being and we all have a reason for teaching what we teach, sharing what we share and practicing what we practice. The way to figure out this reason is by connecting the dots in an effort to put your story together. 

Think about the people that you follow or the successful entrepreneurs that inspire you. What is it about them that you remember or that has left a mark on you? I’m guessing it’s their story, and it typically falls within that hero’s journey category. They’ve connected with their audience in a way that is relatable, inspiring and even transformational. They’ve built credibility and trust because they’ve been so vulnerable in sharing their paths. Furthermore, they’ve established their uniqueness by the only thing that no one can compete with – their unique story. 

And it goes without saying: the most significant benefit here is that when you are sharing your story, you may get closer to your truth. This refers back to that “what matters” idea and framework that your entire business should be built on. How does your story reveal your true purpose?

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