Your Permission to Light It Up

Your Permission to Light It Up

A few weeks ago, I was triggered by something I read online by a coach that I follow. She said something along the lines of how our businesses aren’t meant to light us up, that we don’t need to love our businesses. 

It felt like a punch in the gut, because it invalidated the core of my business building philosophy. It struck me right in the center of my truth.

As you know, one of my biggest and most shared messages revolves around getting lit up about your business, about speaking your truth as it relates to what matters to you so much about what you do. 

And as I contemplated it, I realized that this person hasn’t felt what I have felt, hasn’t experienced what I have experienced, and therefore doesn’t have the beliefs that I have around business building. Perhaps her statement isn’t something true for her, but rather something she said nonchalantly and without much meaning at all.

I know, like I know, like I know, that what I teach and what I share is real. It is meaningful to me. And no matter what anyone says, my truth will never be taken from me. It is mine to hold, to save, to share and to give to others, freely and willingly. 

Do you have a truth within you like this, as it relates to your work? Can you believe in it so hard that it is virtually indestructible? Because, that’s the message that matters. That’s the message you need to be sharing over and over again. 

Whoever told you to “get back down to earth” when you shared your dreams lied.

Whoever told you to be “realistic” due to your age, education, appearance, background, etc. when you decided to do something new lied.

Whoever told you that what you believe to be true about the work that you do is wrong lied. 

I’m not sure who needs to read this, but look:

Don’t buy into the limiting narratives said by those that feel limited themselves. 

You are expansive. You are powerful, capable and destined for greatness. 

Stay connected to the vision in your heart…

And flex that faith muscle, baby.

You’ve got this.

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