“Your story will become someone else’s survival guide.”

Your story will become someone else’s survival guide.

There’s a common saying that really touches me:

“Your story will become someone else’s survival guide.” 

That saying is a direct result of the kind of marketing I teach.

When your story, your wisdom, your trials and tribulations are reflected in the work that you now do to serve others.

When your hero’s journey is nothing short of inspirational to someone moving through similar obstacles, challenges and setbacks. 

When your truth is the “thing that you overcame” that you now help others overcome.

This is the magic of life, the magic of service. 

It is the essence of the magic we bring to the table, to the meeting, to the offering.  

And we have the opportunity, in this lifetime, to get to the heart of what we do in such a way that highlights our soul’s path. 

You get to be a beacon of light for someone. 

How wonderful is that?

In this week’s video, I share how I became my own survival guide – and how it now guides my clients too. 

If this is the type of marketing that vibes with you (and for the people I work with – it’s the only kind of marketing that they want to do!), check out what I have coming up this month and next. 

Let’s get your marketing messaging and strategy crystal clear and ready for 2024.

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