Perspective Shift: Turning Inward instead of Outward for Answers

Perspective Shift: Turning Inward instead of Outward for Answers

Turning Inward

What does “owning your power” mean to you?

Here’s what it means to me: 

Full F*cking Integrity.

As I mentioned last week, this eclipse season (and generally this entire year) has put me back in my power, back in integrity with myself.

My power is not only back – it’s contained. It’s safe. It’s protected. 

Our power is our energy, our life force. 

Are you giving it in integrity?

Are you receiving it in integrity?

It can be sneaky… and quite a wake-up call when we realize all of the ways we give our power away.

  • When we rely on the experts to tell us how to show up for our businesses, knowing deep within that their way just doesn’t align with ours. 
  • When we depend on the “successful” and “influential” wizards in our field to give us a plan that simply doesn’t feel like the one we want to follow.
  • When we trust the voices outside of us (more so than our very own) to decide what we should say about our work, to whom and why based on “what sells.”

One thing you’ll learn when you work with me is this: You’ve got to have skin in the game.  

Because that’s showing up in full f*cking integrity. In your full power. 

When I feel “stuck” the very first thing I do is go within. I don’t look for the answers outside of myself. I check in with myself and look there. 

  • That’s why my greatest ideas have come after breathwork or meditation. 
  • That’s why when I’m deeply connected to myself I know that I’m being divinely guided.
  • That’s why divine inspiration is the greatest way to alter the trajectory of your life and business. 

On November 11, my friend Cari Rogers and I are taking you on a journey back to yourself so that we can create a Business Building Plan of Action that is 100% divinely inspired. 

Here’s the 2-step plan for our auspicious day, 11/11:

Cari will guide you through a somatic journey. We need you calm, collected and *connected* so that we can start to build in alignment.

I will then guide you through a business building planning session, where we use The L.O.V.E. Method as a guide – strategically improving your:

  • List of potential clients 
  • Offering suite (like that big picture vision I made for myself (after breathwork) below!)
  • Value you provide
  • Experience you provide

This is marketing and monetization that is rooted in your power. In your integrity. In your divinity.

Will I see you there? Book now – the price will increase to $144 on November 4.

Tribe members get $22 off with code: TRIBE-HDR 

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