3 Ways to Embody Your Dream Business

In this live training, I dive into the 3 ways you can begin to embody that desired life of yours. 

Just a caveat though: I’m not necessarily referring to embodiment as manifestation. The word manifest and the way that it is talked about today isn’t necessarily something that I vibe with. I believe that we can manifest things into our lives, but I don’t believe that we have full control and I don’t believe that we call in anything that would be perceived as bad or hurtful. I believe in soul evolution, that we move through feelings and experiences to grow, and I also believe in the four levels of consciousness. 

The four levels are also something I talk about within my signature program. The four levels are “to me,” “by me,” “through me,” and “as me.” I move a bit through the consciousness of “by me” which would be considered manifesting but I believe I move more “through me” because I see myself and my purpose as more fluid and universal as a co-creator. “As me” sounds like pure enlightenment, but I have experienced a few moments of that and it’s ethereal. 

Believe it or not, your success all begins with you. No plan, strategy, formula or next steps will get you where you want to be without you at the helm, fully invested in the vision. 

So let’s get started!

In this video, we talked about:

  • The one word that gets me through dark, challenging times,
  • The simple answer I got to a big question I had during my meditation this week,
  • 3 ways you can embody the ideal business of yours, 
  • How The L.I.F.E. Method makes embodiment possible,
  • Why your success all begins with you, and
  • How embodiment helps you make decisions from a place of trust. 

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