When We Embody We Receive

When We Embody, We Receive

Last week, I shared what I learned about myself after completing The L.I.F.E. Method recently. This week, I’m going to talk about how this knowledge informs the way we embody and approach “putting ourselves out there” in a totally new, intentional and mindful light.

First things first though, before we embody, we must be fully aware of the power within us to actually embody, change, and become. After all, the life (business, relationships, etc.) of your dreams will only come as fast as you’re able to fully receive and sustain it. 

On my social media platforms, I posted a picture of my son and I that was taken a year ago this weekend. When I first saw it, I felt like it took place 5 years ago. This was before my business pivot and before I created my signature program. This was before I changed everything in my business so it was aligned with who I am and what I want. 

We evolve and change moment to moment, but I can say with absolute certainty that there has been no greater growth in my life than that of the past year. 

And if I could pinpoint only one factor that has had the biggest transformative effect on me over that time period, it would be the method that I created so that I could design my life and business consciously, intentionally, with my soul leading the way. 

Change is possible. Reality is malleable. Your identity, your circumstances, your future are not fixed. 

During a meditation I did earlier this week, one of the questions I was pondering was: “How do I harness the power that is within me and longs to be realized?”

The answer I got is to simply believe in it. To believe in the power that exists within you and your capacity to utilize it. 

Remember: If you can dream it, you can build it, but first you’ve gotta believe in it.

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