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The True Meaning of Heart-Centered Entrepreneurship

The True Meaning of Heart-Centered Entrepreneurship

Are You a Heart-Centered Business Owner?

Here’s what I’ve noticed in our world: It’s really easy to throw around the word “heart-centered” AND define it as serving from a place of radical compassion… towards others.

Here’s the thing though: If you get burnt out while serving others, you’re not heart-centered. If you find yourself stressing over marketing yourself, you’re not heart-centered. If you feel like you are constantly pushing, pulling, “efforting,” and flat-out flailing, you’re not heart-centered.

You are heart-centered when you are deeply aligned with your desires, your purpose, your magic, your power…and showing up for it. And ultimately, showing up for you. That’s fulfillment. That’s heart-centered.

You are only heart-centered in business when the foundation of your business is aligned with who you truly are. Does this sound like where you are in business right now? Because if not, I’ve got a solution for you. 

The Soul-Powered Business Program includes my three one-of-a-kind proprietary methods (The L.I.F.E. Method, The S.O.U.L. Method, and The L.O.V.E. Method) that gives you a practical and thoughtful approach to creating an aligned foundation. 

The L.I.F.E. Method helps you embody the life and business of your dreams, by getting crystal clear on your desires as they relate to your ideal Lifestyle, Identity, Feelings and Expression. Embodiment is a result of alignment. And alignment is a result of this type of clarity.

The S.O.U.L. Method gives you a glimpse of your destiny by helping you connect the dots that led you to where you are today and how you can get to where you want to be. You can’t get from point A to point B without first understanding how you are meant to show up for it. 

The L.O.V.E. Method amps up the business building roadmap with the needle-moving strategies you can use to jumpstart your momentum and feel like you finally have a marketing strategy that will work. This coupled with revitalized faith in your path makes you unstoppable.  

Aside from these methods and over 15 corresponding lessons, the Soul-Powered Business Program includes worksheets and workbooks, live calls, hot seat coaching, a community, and a free trial of the Soul-Powered Society membership.

Loads of launch specials await you as well. Being the first launch, I’m going big, so don’t miss out. Follow this link to get access: 

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5 Fast & Hard Truths on the Way to Your Dream Life

5 Fast & Hard Truths on the Way to Your Dream Life

As I prepare for the launch of my program, I’m reminded once again of the feeling of anticipation, anxiety and even apprehension, just before enrollment opens. This launch is the quite literally the launching pad into my dream life. 

Thoughts race through my head: “Will anyone enroll? Will they like my program? Does this work even matter?”

And if I keep very quiet, and get very still, all I can hear in response is a resounding, “YES.”

It’s taken a lot of work to get to where I am today. And, I don’t just mean the actual work that goes into building a program – from the curriculum, to the student experience, to the assets required to promote it. What I’m talking about is the work you don’t see, not even behind the scenes. It’s the kind of work that happens internally, when you’ve gotten to a point in your journey where you have arrived at the precise place you know you are meant to be. 

It’s as if everything you have done has prepared you for this moment, for this time that is so special and sacred and yet, also just another day in your life, just another forward step in the business.

The only thing I have to do now is believe in it – the possibility of succeeding. All I have to do is believe in the spirit of my business, in my program and also in my vision for my dream life. It’s all happening.

I’m going to share with you some fast and hard truths I’ve learned on my way to getting where I am today. 

  1. Not everyone you care for will root for you as you own and step into your power. Those who do are pure gold.
  2. You cannot control if and when you succeed. It’s always a toss up, but always worth it.
  3. Honor the circumstances that have given you comfort and security up to this point. Acknowledge that they may have kept you where you are, but believe that you’re ready for them to drift away. 
  4. Don’t be afraid of being afraid. Normalize feeling all emotions, even the “bad” ones. They can dance with you, but you don’t need to let them take the lead.
  5. What you know (your skillset, expertise) matters. Who you are matters more. Lead by example and put your whole heart into it. 

And one bonus for the road: The easiest and hardest thing you’ll ever have to do as a business owner is believe in yourself. How easy or how hard it is… is entirely up to you.

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Path of Inspiration = Path of Least Resistance

Path of Inspiration = Path of Least Resistance

Believe it or not, the path of inspiration wasn’t on my radar until my early 30s. I used to have a heck of a time figuring out what inspires me, and I used to find consolation in the fact that so many others did too.

How we got here isn’t hard to figure out… We’ve simply grown up in a culture that seldom focuses on inspiration. Instead, we focus on taking the “safer route” of job security, and if we are brave enough to start our own businesses, we look to what others have done and follow their steps for building them. 

So many of us are under the illusion that the path of inspiration is the riskier path. Why? Because of the unknown. Because nobody has walked it yet. I’m here to tell you that the path of inspiration is actually the safest path of them all.

Because when you follow your bliss, you’ve got God, the Universe, and all the forces that be on your side. Opportunities arise. Synchronicities abound. Miracles happen. 

Have you noticed work is easier when you are inspired? Have you noticed that work is more exciting when you are inspired? Have you noticed that wonderful coincidences and circumstances happen like magic when you are inspired? Have you noticed how much more “in flow”  and free and alive you feel when you are inspired?

No matter where you are on your journey, you can redirect and detour to the path of inspiration. I’m here to help you do that.

My Soul-Powered Business Program opens for enrollment in just a few weeks. This program features my proprietary methods, the L.I.F.E. Method, S.O.U.L. Method and L.O.V.E. Method.  (These are the methods that lead you to your inspired path and then set you up to go full speed ahead.)

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Showing Up for You and Your Business: Options vs. Choices

Showing Up for You and Your Business: Options vs. Choices

This blog is a bit different and somewhat of a stand-alone as it relates to the rest of my content. It’s more a pep talk as we think about the choices we have in business.

I’m going to be real with you for a minute. I’m tired. Between the early morning wake-up and a full day of being a stay-at-home working mom, I’m running on a little more caffeine than I would normally be okay with!

But I’m also running towards a vision, towards a dream, with a heck of a lotta hope and faith that what I’m doing is worth it. 

And even though you may not have the same daily challenges as I do, I know that you might be facing some struggles as you build momentum in your business, too. 

I know that you’re probably also tired from showing up each and every day, putting your heart and soul into every word you write and say. I know that you’re probably tired from not seeing the immediate return from all your efforts. I know that you’re probably tired of not having all the options you want to have (like better tech, assistants, childcare, etc. – all the things that having more money can buy.)

But what you do have are choices. You always have a choice. You can choose to be more conscious and intentional in your approach to business building. You can choose to get crystal clear on what matters to you about what you do. You can choose to keep going. You can choose to never give up.

I’ve made my choice. What about you?

We are rapidly approaching Soul-Powered Season… This Spring, I will be launching The Soul-Powered Business Program, and it will include all of my proprietary methods, plus *lots* of access to me (your soul-powered guide). More than anything, I want you to watch your business skyrocket as you expand your ability to nourish the other areas of your life. , More to come.

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Your Permission to Light It Up

Your Permission to Light It Up

A few weeks ago, I was triggered by something I read online by a coach that I follow. She said something along the lines of how our businesses aren’t meant to light us up, that we don’t need to love our businesses. 

It felt like a punch in the gut, because it invalidated the core of my business building philosophy. It struck me right in the center of my truth.

As you know, one of my biggest and most shared messages revolves around getting lit up about your business, about speaking your truth as it relates to what matters to you so much about what you do. 

And as I contemplated it, I realized that this person hasn’t felt what I have felt, hasn’t experienced what I have experienced, and therefore doesn’t have the beliefs that I have around business building. Perhaps her statement isn’t something true for her, but rather something she said nonchalantly and without much meaning at all.

I know, like I know, like I know, that what I teach and what I share is real. It is meaningful to me. And no matter what anyone says, my truth will never be taken from me. It is mine to hold, to save, to share and to give to others, freely and willingly. 

Do you have a truth within you like this, as it relates to your work? Can you believe in it so hard that it is virtually indestructible? Because, that’s the message that matters. That’s the message you need to be sharing over and over again. 

Whoever told you to “get back down to earth” when you shared your dreams lied.

Whoever told you to be “realistic” due to your age, education, appearance, background, etc. when you decided to do something new lied.

Whoever told you that what you believe to be true about the work that you do is wrong lied. 

I’m not sure who needs to read this, but look:

Don’t buy into the limiting narratives said by those that feel limited themselves. 

You are expansive. You are powerful, capable and destined for greatness. 

Stay connected to the vision in your heart…

And flex that faith muscle, baby.

You’ve got this.

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This is your most important business asset

This is Your Most Important Business Asset

What is your most important business asset? It’s you. 

I’ve said it once and I will say it again: You are the most precious, the most valuable, the most vibrant element of your business. Without you, your business isn’t alive. Without you, your business won’t shine. It simply will not thrive. 

I’ve been in business for almost 10 years now. I started in June of 2013, and at the start (and even through a good chunk of the journey,) I thought my business was MY most important asset. I had it backwards. I was using an outdated, misaligned, broken approach to business building. 

And the truth of the matter is: I knew it all along. I knew deep down that the way I was doing things, which didn’t feel aligned at all, was wrong. But it was massively inconvenient for me to admit this to myself. I’d think to myself, “How could I possibly change things up now? I’ve got this many years under my belt. I may not be happy or fulfilled, but maybe if I push a little harder or do more research or give myself more time to figure this out, I’ll be okay.”

Here’s the thing about spinning wheels: it never ends. It’s a never ending cycle of constant spinning… ruminating… thinking… doing… all the wrong things. Because, getting off the wheel somehow seems scarier than staying on it forever. 

Things only started to change once I got radically honest about this. I had to get radically honest about what I wanted and why. I decided that I wasn’t going to go for anything less than what made me feel alive and aligned. I made a commitment to embody a new form of business building and then show others how they can do it, too.

And so, I said a silent prayer: Teach me how to do this – how to embody the essence of who I am through my work, and I promise I will teach others how to do it, too. And guess what? My prayer is being answered. I know like I know like I know: I can’t mess up what I’ve already put into motion. It’s all happening. 

Here’s what I now know to be true:

You can make an incredible and sustainable living doing what you love, and promoting it in a way that feels freakin phenomenal.

You can take an intentional, soulful approach to building a business – one that begins with a solid, aligned and empowered foundation. 

You can transform the way you do business by embodying the essence of your brand. This is when you truly own your mission, method and message so that you can attract “soul-mate” customers, grow your audience and make an impact in your field. 

It all comes down to this one truth… the one truth that permeates through my body and sends chills up and down my spine. It’s the one truth that makes me come alive and the one thing that lights me up more than anything ever has. You are the soul of your business. 

Want to get aligned, make sound decisions, follow your heart, and be the leader you’ve always dreamt of becoming? Start with who you are, what you want, why you want it. Follow the joy, the intuition, the little inklings that will lead you to where you are meant to be.

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What it Means to Choose Your Hard

What It Means to “Choose Your Hard”

One of the biggest belief-shifting statements that I wish I was told at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, almost 10 years ago, is this: “You get to choose your hard.”

This statement is true for every area of your life where you desire change. Whether it’s for nurturing relationships, losing weight, making money or building a business, we all do things that are hard, but we get to choose what that hard looks like.

Take me for example. Right now, we are in the process of sleep training my son, Declan. He gets two dream feeds a night, and one of those takes place at 3:00am. Now, because I would normally be waking up at 5:00am, I have now chosen to stay up after this dream feed. 

And let me tell you: It’s hard waking up at 3:00am to give myself 3 to 4 hours of me-time and work-time. It’s hard having to go to bed at 8:00pm, instead of watching one more episode on Netflix with my husband, so that I can catch some sleep. It’s hard working on a Sunday afternoon when I’d much rather be chilling on the couch with my family. It’s hard being a stay-at-home mom and an entrepreneur with a vision and a mission.  

But this is the kind of “hard” that I’ve chosen. This is the “hard” I’m choosing right now.

Because it would be much harder if I let myself sleep in just to scramble and stress all day. It would be much harder if I didn’t make time to meditate, or write, or read, or create – these are the things that I need to keep me, me. It would be much harder if I bailed on my business, because it’s my passion and the greatest representation of my purpose. 

The truth of the matter is – we all have to do hard things. We get to choose what’s hard though. “Hard” is relative. It’s hard pivoting into something more aligned. It’s hard building a business that matters to you. But you know what else is hard? Staying exactly where you are. Wasting another day of your life doing something that doesn’t light you up. 

The soul-powered path isn’t always the easiest. It can get uncomfortable. It can get scary. It can get exhausting. Here are three things that keep me going, particularly when I start to question what I’m doing or when it feels like things aren’t moving fast enough for me. 

  1. Impermanence keeps me going. This is the notion that not everything lasts forever. Everything comes to an end. Every season brings new challenges and opportunities. Declan won’t be needing dream feeds forever – he might no longer need them a month from now. I might be able to have more help a month from now. I might be in a totally different place a month from now. 
  2. My “why” keeps me going. The why is everything in business – it’s not only the motivating factor, but also what compels you to stay disciplined and determined. When I pivoted into e-learning, I decided that I was going to be relentlessly persistent in the pursuit of my dreams, because I have a vision for my family. I have desires that can come to fruition if I can stay the course. 
  3. And most importantly, my inner knowing keeps me going. This is the strong, undeniable truth deep within me that on the other side of all this “hard” that I’m facing at the moment, is something really, truly incredible. I keep imagining what that will look like – when I finally sell out my program, when I can finally create more courses, when I can have more options for me and my family. It’s so clear and strong in my mind and in my heart. 

I’m not someone who wants to choose between being a stay-at-home mom and an entrepreneur, and so I choose both. It might make things harder in the short term, but the long term impact will be amazing. Make sure you’re showing up for the right kind of “hard” – the kind that will lead you to exactly where you want to be. 

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stuck in social sharing paralysis? Read this.

Stuck in Social Sharing Paralysis? Read This.

I was recently talking to a colleague of mine, and she was in complete “social sharing paralysis.”

“I have all of these interests that I feel make me…well, me,” she said. “I know that I should focus on my business when I am marketing myself, but I feel the urge to get outside the box.”

“Then, please, for the love of all things holy, get outside of that box,” I replied.

She laughed, but when she realized I was serious, she started to see the potential and opportunity in what I was insisting that she do.

In a previous blog, I told you to say what you want to say. Teach what you want to teach. Share what you want to share. Sharing what feels inspired will only be confusing to your audience if it’s confusing to you. 

One of the biggest lies ever told to business owners is that they have to fit themselves into a tiny box, called a niche, and then share content that fits only within that box. As if buyers aren’t aware that there’s a multi-passionate, multi-dimensional human being on the other side of that business.

Your depth is meant to be shared. You never know who it will impact, who it will affect, and how it will be perceived, remembered and shared again by another. By being you, and by sharing more of yourself, you put something into the world that was not there before. Your wisdom expands and extends way past any “niche” could. 

Your objective as a business owner is to teach your audience how to think about you. Let them get to know you – the many pieces of you – so that they can make buying decisions that are actually aligned with the buyer consciousness of today. 

Believe it or not, there was a time when I questioned whether I should share content related to my daily life, as opposed to simply business content. There was a time when I thought, “Will my audience benefit from this story? Will they understand what I’m about if I share this?”

As someone who creates and shares content for a living, I decided that my audience is smart enough to grasp that I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, spirituality, motherhood, and wellness. My audience appreciates my daily musings related to what keeps me aligned and fulfilled – whether it be about my relationships, my business, my family or my wellbeing. If I happen to drift from these general themes, it’s because there’s an inspired reason. At the end of the day, my job is to use my voice for good, and my content reflects that privilege. 

Want to get out of the box once and for all? Join the waitlist for more info about my new and improved Soul-Powered Business Program, opening March 2022.

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3 Ways You’re Not Showing Up from a Place of Inspiration

3 Ways You’re Not Showing Up from a Place of Inspiration

One of my favorite quotes is, “To be inspired is to be in spirit.” The fact that “inspired” and “in spirit” look and sound so similar to each other is no coincidence. The idea is that when you are inspired, you are walking your spirit’s path. You are “in spirit.” Things click effortlessly, synchronicities abound, life and work are generally easier. Most importantly, sharing what’s on your mind and in your heart is simple.

However, when inspiration hits, we’re often thinking, “But is this relevant to my audience? Will they even care? Is sharing this going to benefit my business?” I’ve been there too and have asked the same questions. Allow me to say this plainly: Say what you want to say. Teach what you want to teach. Share what you want to share. If it’s inspired, it’s relevant. If it’s inspired, someone will care. If it’s inspired, it will benefit your business.

How? Because you are the brand. You are the “thing.” You are the business. Your unique personality, experiences, interests and opinions are meant to come out in your work, especially if you’re taking that soul-powered approach to business building! (And by the way, if you want to learn about the soul-powered approach to business building, the waitlist for The Soul-Powered Business Program is open! Click HERE to join the waitlist.)

Here are three ways you may not be showing up from a place of inspiration. Note: If any of the below apply to you, I want you to truly think about the root cause of this lack of inspiration. It’s time to call your power back and make the changes necessary for you to get aligned again.

  1. You feel as though you are just grinding away. Work is purely exhausting. Your business should never be the cause of your exhaustion. Look to lack of sleep or minimal self-care for that. Working on your business and in your business should be the breath of fresh air that you crave. It should leave you feeling at peace and completely in flow.
  2. You’re acting only out of pressure; not for the fun of it. Whenever you are “efforting” your way through your business, you are working against the current. You’re trying to make a strategy or model or vision work that simply isn’t for you. This doesn’t mean you’re not meant to be an entrepreneur. It simply means you’re meant to do business in a way that is aligned with your soul. 
  3. You compare yourself to others, judge yourself to oblivion and feel disempowered. When we are following our path, and our path alone, there is no competition. It simply doesn’t exist. When you are inspired, the negative distractions don’t seem to matter and the inner critic has nothing to criticize you about anymore. You are in your power. You are moving in the direction you were meant to move. 

We tend to overcomplicate and overthink our actions because there have been so many rules set in place. There are so many voices telling you what to do and what not to do. You were told to hustle and so you hustle. You were told to show up day in and day out, if it’s unaligned, and so you do that. You were told to research the competition, and so you did that. Take a hard stop on all of the above. Allow who you are, what you do, and what you want to share become clear first and foremost inside of you. 

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3 Ways to Show Up as the Leader that You Are

3 Ways to Show Up as the Leader that You Are

Now more than ever, we need leaders who don’t just talk about it – they *be* about it! The world is yearning for leaders who can show them the way to a better, happier life. And if you’re in the business to make that happen for others, then the world needs you. 

We need big-hearted entrepreneurs lighting the way for others by maximizing their own true potential. We need leaders leading by example. We need more business owners walking the walk, not just talking the talk. And, we need these people embodying their essence so that they can give permission to others to embody theirs. 

Because when you rise… when you strive for your true potential, others rise with you. The energy you exude from leading in this way is so incredibly bright that it might turn people off. It might trigger some. But that’s okay, because it will also light up so many others.  

Here are a few ways you can start to show up as the leader that you are. 

Number 1: Be An Example

Now more than ever, we are looking for a leader who can lead by example. We are starving for examples of people who are living up to their true potential day in and day out. We are yearning for individuals who are not only able to talk about it, but truly *be* about it. Every day you wake up is an opportunity to show up as your best, highest, self. You have an opportunity every single day to grow, to evolve, to sparkle and shine. As you rise, others will rise with you.

Number 2: Walk the Talk

This refers back to the theme of the week, which is “don’t just talk about it, be about it.” This is where we actually show up in our lives the way we’d tell someone else to show up for theirs. And I will be the first to say that this isn’t easy, but it’s essential. How often do you find yourself saying, “I give my best advice to others, but can’t seem to follow it myself?” This is where we need you to actually do what you say and say what you do. 

Number 3: Embody It 

If you haven’t done The L.I.F.E. Method yet, this is an insightful way to learn how you can show up as the leader you desire to be. By identifying your desired lifestyle, identity, feelings and expression, you are well on your way to embodying that next level life you desire. These four components of the method are what we have control over. Identifying them will bring you clarity in your next steps and your big-picture vision. 

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