“But What If They Think I’m Weird” – Entrepreneurs Everywhere

I’m pretty sure this is something that all of us soulful entrepreneurs who deeply care about our work have asked ourselves.

I would turn this question around in my head alllll of the time.

😰 “What if they make fun of me?”
😰 “What if they reject me?”
😰 “What if what I’m saying confuses them or doesn’t make sense?”

And then I thought, so what?”

🔥 I went from watching on the sidelines to being in the arena.
🔥 I went from not saying much to fully speaking up.
🔥 I went from hiding in plain site to fully owning my expertise.

Unless you’re in the arena with me and my fellow entrepreneurs, fully speaking your truth and owning your power…

IDGAF if you think I’m weird. 🤣

So next time you’re feeling the sting of other people’s perceptions, judgements and opinions.

Remember that you’re the one showing up.

You’re the one being seen.

You’re the one who’s shining.

Let it be bright. ⭐

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