Survival Mode in Your Business

Survival Mode in Your Business

For as long as I’ve been in business as Christina Giordano Consulting (which was 10 years last June), I’ve been in survival mode.⁣

👉Even when I thought I was done “hustling,” I absolutely was… just in a “new” way.⁣

The new hustle shows up when you’re *finally* doing something you love…⁣

BUT,⁣ you hustle to make it work.⁣

Because the thing you love HAS TO WORK, otherwise…what’s the point?⁣

Time and time again, I would fall into the trap of:⁣

🪤Doing all the marketing activities and strategies to “get my name out there!”⁣

🪤Planning, planning, planning and sticking to said plan at all costs.⁣

🪤Taking “aligned action” which sometimes just meant any type of action that felt doable and made me feel like I was doing something productive and constructive, woof. ⁣

🪤“Focus on money-making activities” – Said literally every coach out there, even the ones who pride themselves on “energetics.”⁣

🪤Feeling bad about my own capabilities as an entrepreneur when an event flopped, or things just didn’t work out, because of course, “I just didn’t try hard enough.”😮‍💨⁣⁣

We all fall into this trap. And we are coached (by probably well-meaning coaches who don’t know better themselves) to fall into this trap.⁣

👉The constant push only pulls us away from ourselves.⁣

Because survival mode – in a weird kind of way – is all we know. ⁣

And that’s, well, comfortable. It’s secure. It’s expected. We’re “good” at it. ⁣

And so we push and act and go, because that’s what we’re “supposed to do.”⁣

We do it because we don’t like uncertainty. We don’t like losing control. We’re not good at releasing the reigns to a higher power, or even trusting one.⁣

…But lately, I’ve been trying something…⁣

⁣👀I’ve been getting myself reaallllllyy comfortable with uncertainty.⁣

👀I’ve been making myself feel reeeaaallllly safe, grounded, and rooted in a state of surrender.⁣

👀I’ve been releasing my white knuckle grip and replacing it with lightness, receptivity, openness and faith.⁣⁣

🙏Can you feel comfortable here?⁣

🙏Can you feel safe here?⁣

🙏Can you feel a release here?⁣

I think that’s what the next level requires.⁣

Because we’re no longer surviving. 🤍

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