Focused Intention + Action = Magic

In today’s video recap, I’m sharing the ways in which I have been able to avoid distractions, to stay focused and to align my actions to my big-picture vision and current goals. 

Now, I’m not entirely sure why I felt inspired to share this. I know that this is a topic that has been relevant for the past year and a half. It’s actually a topic that comes up over and over again for entrepreneurs in general. But lately, I’ve personally felt distracted, and not only that, overwhelmed by the distractions. You’d think after a year of distractions I’d be over it by now. But the truth is, I still have to think of ways to bring myself back to balance and inner peace.

In this video, we talked about:

  • The current state of affairs in my life and business,
  • Why I’ve been feeling “distracted” lately,
  • What I shared on a podcast recently about inner peace and balance,
  • Why those answers are somewhat commonplace given the state of the world,
  • Deeper, wiser answers I channeled just for you, and
  • 3 questions you can ask yourself based on each extra tip. 

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