Finding Balance & Peace

How I Am Able to Find Balance & Peace Amidst the Chaos

If you enjoyed my “Do Less to Achieve More” motto (plus tips and training) last week, then you’ll really appreciate what I’m sharing this week – all about balance and peace.

In a podcast interview I pre-recorded on Friday with The Visionaries Collective, one of the questions I was asked related to the topic of balance and peace and how we in the wellness community generally agree that this is the gold standard for a life well lived. So they asked, “What are a few of your favorite tips to achieve balance and peace?”

Here’s what I said…

  • Prioritize yourself. (Because, if you’re not thriving, nothing around you will.)
  • Delegate. (Because, you don’t need to do it all by yourself.)
  • Limit distractions. (Because, sanity.)

However, since you’re a member of my community, I want to invite you to consider a few more…

  • Focus on what you can control. Admittedly, as a recovering control freak, I struggle with this. Being pregnant during a pandemic that has recently escalated has not been easy. Running a business based on a new model – an e-learning model – has required much more patience and inner strength than originally thought. However, if I focus on what I can do, and what is possible for me, the perspective changes. What can you look at differently that is seemingly out of your control?
  • Commit to yourself. I wake up early to meditate. It’s currently the only time of day where I’m able to be silent, without distractions and just be at home within myself. When I sleep in, or skip this part of my day, I notice a big difference in my mood and energy levels. Meditation and my spiritual practice keeps me grounded and aligned. And by committing to it, I commit to myself. What can you commit to that feels like coming home to yourself? 
  • Maintain faith. Even with everything that has occurred with the pandemic, with my business, within my life over the past few years – when I look at who I was then versus who I am now, it was all so, so worth it, and SO necessary… The dark times when I didn’t think I could pivot; The fragile moments when I was scared to hit “send” or “publish” on a vulnerable story; The tears and anguish over losing clients and pouring money and resources I didn’t have into a new vision. I knew then like I know now – my success is not only possible, it’s imminent. What can you do to keep the faith on something you know will work out?

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