Happy 2023 + Honor Your Winter

Happy 2023 + Honor Your Winter

Happy 2023.

(Notice I didn’t say happy new year.)

Because, for over the past few years, the January 1 New Year vibes just haven’t truly vibed with me. 

Sure, the holiday festivities wind down, the talk of “resolutions” and goal setting is in the air, and the return to routines and productivity is underway. But, the energy of this time is missing a certain spark that I don’t truly feel until almost a month later, towards the end of January, beginning of February. 

And so, in many ways, this time in January feels more like a “bridge” time… a time where we are still wrapping up the old and making intentions for the new. 

I received confirmation of this over a call I had this week with one of my spiritual mentors. She said, “honor your winter.”

And so I am, and inviting you to do the same, if it feels right for you. 

So, what can you do during this “bridge” time that we have right now? How can you honor your winter? 

Spend lots and lots of time with yourself. Book it into your calendar. This isn’t like your regular morning meditation or your evening yoga. Schedule in an extra hour of breathwork. Make time for a few extra long walks in the woods. 

Sleep longer. 

Nourish yourself with only warming foods. Sip on your favorite teas and herbal infusions. 

Get cozy. Put on some fluffy, soft socks.

And at the same time, begin to slowly create space for the newness to come in…

Journal on what’s coming up for you during this season. (Lots of journal prompts are provided for you in the Soul’d Tip of the Week of my newsletter!)

Move your body, slowly and steadily. Stretch. Allow yourself to open up. 

Breathe. Here’s one of my favorite breathwork videos. I do this every morning now. 

Create and craft. Coloring is still my favorite way to get artsy. Write. Play music. Paint. 

And finally… bask. This is my word of the year. To bask. Expose yourself to the warmth that pleasure provides. I’ll be talking more about basking soon…

Here’s to a happy, fulfilled and peaceful start to 2023. 

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