How to Restructure Your Strategy: 12 Questions to Ask Yourself

Everyone here knows (or at least should know) that I’m pregnant and we are approaching the due date very quickly – in a little over a month to be exact, and while I’m very excited, I do plan to restructure my schedule and strategy to allow for the time that I’d like to be spending with my newborn. 

As an entrepreneur, I’m not given maternity leave. Interestingly, this is something I’m very much thankful for. Instead, I get to decide when I work and when I don’t work throughout my entire career. Luckily, I’ve restructured my business model to allow for me to do less and receive more via my e-learning model. Having my first son really made me tap into the desired life that I want and it’s one where I get lots of freedom – financially, professionally, creatively and fortunately, I’ve designed my business to follow those desires. 

This really comes down to the ability to determine next steps based on the results you’ve experienced from being consistent. I love talking about consistency because I’m really freaking good at it, but I also know when to stop something that just isn’t working. This is the growth factor that must play into the consistency factor. 

There is no sense in continuing certain patterns, activities, and routines if you’re not actively experiencing results. There’s a constant and continuous review and upleveling and improvement process that needs to be created if you’re going to make this commitment of being consistent. 

This is where regular reviews and reflection time comes into place. These can be on a monthly or quarterly basis, but the goal is to identify what is working, what isn’t working, and how you can leverage this knowledge into bigger and better results. For me, based on my current life circumstances, I want to achieve more by doing less. This may sound like an impossible endeavor to some, but for me, I’m ready to tackle it head on. 

Today, I’m going to invite you into what that new strategy will look like for me, as I enter into the next chapter of my life as a mom of two little ones. I will also provide you with some questions you can consider for your own quarterly review session.

In this video, we talked about:

  • Why I’m restructuring my business building strategy,
  • The purpose of reviews and reflection time,
  • The consistency factor and growth factor in business building,
  • 3 ways I’m doing less to achieve more,
  • My suggested structure of a quarterly review session, and
  • 12 questions to ask yourself during your next review session.

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