I'm Back and All About Being Divinely Resourced

I’m Back and All About Being Divinely Resourced

When I ended my last newsletter with, “See you on the other side,” neither you nor I figured that would be two months later.

Eclipse season opened up a portal for a deep healing journey – one that I’m still emerging from. And as a result, I put myself (along with this Soul’d newsletter and my Instagram profile) on a sabbatical.

(I can hear the old paradigm marketers shouting “shame” as I write this. LOL.)

Thankfully, I know better. 😉

What I now know to be true is this: Marketing is now only effective in this new paradigm if it’s done with the highest level of integrity, from a higher plane of consciousness, with a fully aligned and embodied intention.

This is the energy that moves us now.

We can no longer do anything from a wounded space, a place of lack, of scarcity or of desperation.

We must be empowered.

And more than that, people can no longer be sold to.
They need to be *soul’d* to.

There’s a difference.

Just like there’s a difference between wealth and prosperity.

Prosperity considers your wellbeing.

…Which is what matters most now.

This new paradigm ushers in a new way of marketing that allows you to truly tap into and capitalize on your unique soul power so that you can be divinely resourced, and therefore, more prosperous than you ever thought imaginable.

It’s how all of my work, my offerings, my guidance flows together – to energizing and maximizing your soul power in a way that is most impactful, for you and your people.

I’m here for your ever-expanding prosperity. 😇

This is the only way I will get big-hearted business owners like you on the frontlines of the entrepreneurial world.

As I refine my offerings over the next few weeks with all of the “data” I have collected during my time away, I invite you to take a look at your own business.

What feels like work? What feels like play?
What used to light you up but now feels dense and heavy?

It’s time to drop it.
You’re allowed to drop it.
That’s guidance. That’s your soul telling you it’s time to make space for something new.  

More soon.

And thank you for being here. 😊

Oh, and by the way…

If you’re feeling compelled and motivated to jump on this new paradigm wave with me right now, I’m running a 3-part workshop series at Tribe starting August 2.

🌟 3 Wednesdays, in person.
🌟 Noon to 1:30pm.
🌟 Recordings available.
🌟 Email support is an optional add-on for an additional fee.

I will personally guide you through my L.I.F.E., S.O.U.L. and L.O.V.E. Methods so that together we can re-energize your marketing, making it much more magnetic, more soulful, more you. By the end, you’ll feel aligned and empowered, with your very own marketing strategy that you can get excited about. Check it out!

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