The Gift of Divine Timing: It's Okay to Take a Break

The Gift of Divine Timing: It’s Okay to Take a Break

Thank you eclipse season. You are the gift of divine timing.

I don’t know about you, but that one was a doozy.

I’m thankful though, because I was given the last piece, the most *epic* culmination of The Money Methods puzzle.

You see, I was missing something. I was at a point when I was living in the energy of “the more I can receive, the more I can receive.” But, I still felt like I was still just “missing” something.

As it goes in the process of The Money Methods:

👉 I had completed the mental work of unraveling and unlearning unhelpful programming that was no longer aligned with how I wanted to think and feel about money.

👉 I had completed the emotional work of creating safety within me so that I could feel more safe in a relationship with money.

👉 I had completed the physical work of aligning my life force energy to how I truly desired to release and receive day in and day out.

And the final piece…

Was to let it all go.

To give up the reigns of control to a higher power… that lies within me.

I give this message to you freely. I wrote this from my heart for deeper healing:

Within you lives the divine. You already know this, but I don’t think you fully understand the immense power that comes from knowing this. You are the divinity that you seek. You are the Universe. This work isn’t about wielding this knowing for your benefit. It’s about allowing it to move you and what you choose to do. It’s about empowering you. There’s a universe inside of you with universal potential. Let divine love, this divine love, take control now. And breathe the new air.

See you on the other side… in divine timing.

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