It's time to become divinely resourced

It’s time to Become Divinely Resourced

It’s time to become divinely resourced. What does that mean?

🤩 Do you believe that your work is an expression of how your soul wants to serve?
🤩 Do you believe that your business is divinely guided?
🤩 Do you believe in taking action from a place of inspiration?

Because here’s what I know:

My greatest business ideas happened while I was divinely connected – to myself.

And when I took action from that place, miracles happened.

Below is a graphic I made for myself, moments after an hour-long breathwork session.

I want to help you create something *just like this.* Whether you are:

  • Trying to figure out your offer suite,
  • Trying to scale or expand, or
  • Trying to monetize yourself in the most aligned way possible,

This half-day retreat is for you!

Join me and my co-host Cari Rogers as we help you monetize yourself by your very own divine inspiration.

We’re going to create a big-picture vision for your expansion, meaning: multiple streams of income and new approaches to reaching more people.

You and I both know that in this industry, there’s a glass ceiling (with only so many hours available in the day), but there’s an opportunity to monetize yourself in way that doesn’t compromise your energy, integrity or way of life.

Don’t forget to check out the latest video up on YouTube, all about the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

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