Eclipse Season: Reclaim Your Power

Eclipse Season: Reclaim Your Power

Checking in on you as we’re halfway through eclipse season. How are you doing?

If you recall from one of my previous emails, I mentioned that my South Node is right at 21 degrees Libra, the exact sign and degree of the recent New Moon Solar Eclipse. 

Not gonna lie, I fully expected a rude awakening. (And I’ve had many of those this year!)

But to my surprise, what I experienced was more like… a reclamation of my power.

I gave myself the opportunity to bear witness to the ways that I gave my power away…

  • What did I give attention to that didn’t need it? 
  • What did I worry about that wasn’t necessary? 
  • How did I allow someone to speak to me in a way that was unacceptable? 
  • When do I not speak my truth? 
  • Who or what do I believe has power over me? 

Anything that causes me stress, anxiety or fear is me giving my power to that person or thing or moment. 

In reclaiming my power with the Solar Eclipse, it was really a ceremonial moment for me to acknowledge all of this and also recommit to myself that I hold all of the power I will ever need. 

And so do you.

It’s been a dream of mine to put healers like yourself at the forefront of the entrepreneurial world.

To put power into the hands of those who understand it, who will do good with it, who will elevate the consciousness of the collective because of it. 

My work helps me achieve this by helping people market themselves based on the soul mission that is rooted deep within them. From there, I help them expand out through monetizing themselves in ways that are new, fresh and exciting for them and their audience.

So how does eclipse season impact your marketing? 

Well, if eclipses represent endings and beginnings, how are we moving into a new beginning with our marketing? 

  • Are you focused on the possibilities within your marketing communication?
  • Are you aiming to empower your audience to believe in what is possible for them as it relates to your work?
  • Does your marketing feel like an invitation, instead of a sale?

Tune into this week’s Eclipse Season Special up on YouTube to get more tips to moving yourself into the new paradigm of marketing. 

Speaking of power, here’s what I’ve got coming up: 

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