This is the easiest thing to sell

*This* is the Easiest Thing to Sell

The easiest thing to sell is a story you can believe in. 

Simply because it’s yours. 

That thing that you do so well IS done so well because you’ve done it for yourself. 

We get so caught up in the “what people get” semantics that everyone starts to sound like the other. 

To some degree, we all help people become happier.

To some degree, we all help people live a better life.

To some degree, we all help people feel more at ease and at peace and more joyful. 

These aren’t the things that you do.

There’s a specific *magic* that you offer – that is truly reflective of the actual transformation you provide. 

And more often than not, it’s one that you’ve done for yourself. 

For me, I realized that my style of marketing is significantly different in that the tools of self-discovery that I use are essential to its creation. 

Meaning: I had to really look at my life, ask myself the hard questions, look back into my past and forward into my future, and LEARN about myself in order to really hone in on what made me feel aligned and alive. 

It’s only then that I realized why and how I’m meant to help people. 

One of my favorite stories to tell is when I myself worked with a marketing consultant, and she gave me insight into *all the things* I “should” be doing – all of them based on her experience, her knowledge, her expertise. 

None of them reflected mine.

And so I said:

That’s not how I want to show up. 

That’s not how I want to be seen. That’s not how I want to shine. 

Her response: “suck it up, buttercup.”

And from that day forward I swore I would never give anyone a marketing strategy that didn’t 1) truly reflect the actual transformation they provide, or 2) allow them to market with integrity. 

It’s possible to market yourself in a way that doesn’t compromise your energy, boundaries, authenticity or wholeness. 

Come join me on May 21 and we’ll map out your hero’s journey so that you can sell something you can be proud of. 

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