How to work directly with energetics

How to Work Directly with Energetics

The way that we work with energetics is by tapping into our own energy. 

This is something you have readily available to you. Your energy is your life force, and your body is what holds it. 

We need to create a space of safety within your body so that money, which is the energy of safety, can be attracted to it. Like attracts like. 

If your life force energy is stretched too thin, or if it is too scattered, or if you don’t have strong boundaries, or if you aren’t speaking your truth or expressing your emotions, you’re not within a safe space. Money will be blocked.

Take it from me, when I started doing this work, I realized that I was releasing ALL THE TIME. 

And it was evident in my finances. 

So, once I: 1) used The Money Methods to undo a lot of old thinking and old feelings and old ways of being I had around money (and safety,) and then, 2) used my Energy Accounts approach to reconstruct my entire day-to-day…

What happened next is nothing short of… magical. 

I’m going to share what happened next in another “Sneak Peek” of The Money Methods that I’m hosting over the next few weeks. 

Here’s what I’m going to do on these calls:

  1. I’ll share with you the rest of the story – how it worked out and where I am now. 
  2. I’ll share with you what The Money Methods help you figure out in regards to your energy (and therefore the current energy of your finances.)
  3. I’ll share with you how the idea of Energy Accounts gets put into practice. 
  4. I’ll talk a little more about the energy of money, which is safety. 

Here’s the thing about working with Energetics…

You can do all the things – manifest your heart out, live the universal laws of this and that, embody the elements of human design, tap into the current astrological aspects. 

You can do all of that!

But the quickest, most effective way to get what you want through energy is by working with your own energy – your own life force. 

This is how you become someone who manifests simply by their very nature, by the essence that is you. 

Hope to see you there!

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