Your Permission to Break the Rules

This is Your Permission to Break the Rules

I don’t know about you but I’m so done following the rules… your rules, their rules, heck, even my own rules! 

From the absurdities of the social algorithms to the policing of content by followers and non-followers alike, it’s all just utterly ridiculous.

And it takes the fun out of what we’re all doing on social media. 

We’re here to connect, learn new things, take in other opinions, be entertained, share our joys, our struggles, our human experiences.

Sometimes all that is holding us back is the fear of being seen…

…As humans with challenges and struggles, 

…As someone who wears many hats (mom, wife, boss, goddess divine…),

…As an individual with many interests, hobbies, skills, and talents.

You don’t have to share anything. You can also share everything. 

What would happen if you decided to make social media a little more playful?

What would you share if you decided to incorporate more *play* into your social strategy?

How can you infuse more fun in the connecting process?

We’ve become so mechanical… the user has quite literally become the computer.

Sameness does not mean oneness. Uniformity does not mean unity. 

I love sharing my life… not because I think it’s aspirational or influential or anything like that.

I share it because it’s my source of joy. It’s my source of inspiration. I share my ups, my downs, my highs, my lows, my story, because connecting – with all of the parts of me I wish to share on here – is meaningful to me. And fun. And that’s OKAY.

So, #sorrynotsorry but if you see me sharing more of me, different sides of me, various pieces of me, myself and I, you can either embrace it or keep it moving. 

I’m here to have some fun. Who’s with me?!

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