What Does Failure Actually Mean to You?

What Does Failure Actually Mean to You?

Has this thought ever crossed your mind? “I feel like I’m a failure in business.”

First of all: you’re not alone. This thought has crossed my mind more often than not in my nearly 10 years as a business owner.

“I had a (launch/client/project/contract/etc.) that flopped and fell through. And therefore, I failed.” -Said every entrepreneur, ever. 

And so I’ve been thinking a lot about failure lately… What does it really mean to me?

I took a backwards, inside-out approach to this question (which is a very common approach I take to just about everything)…

If success to me means self-mastery, well then what does failure mean?





And yet none of this is possible.

…So therefore failure isn’t possible.

We base our entire concept of failure not by looking at ourselves, but by looking at others… what they are doing, saying, sharing versus what we aren’t doing, saying, sharing.

So, what if we truly focus on ourselves… what would we see?

If I focus, I’m able to look at every single launch, project, client, contract and deal from my past and see the bigger picture: the experience that was needed, the lesson that was learned and the wisdom that was gained.

And a perceived failure is just an opportunity for a pivot. A soul-powered pivot.

A failure (or see: blip, challenge, obstacle, etc.) just means that you’re being realigned towards what you actually want, what you truly need, and what you very much desire.

And simply acknowledging and owning that takes consciousness, clarity and a heck of a lot of conviction. 

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