Where is your compass pointing?

Where Is Your Compass Pointing?

Lemme tell you about the summer vibe I’m all about right now… 

Over here, in my corner of the world, we’ve been: spending time outside, adventuring together as a family, and seriously reducing our “working” hours.

As a result: I’ve shown up online a little less. I’ve focused my marketing efforts towards a relational approach (communities, networking, etc.) I’ve spent most of my “working time” restructuring my program to a self-study-only model.

But I’ve also felt some major resistance to all of the above. Because… expectations.

Here’s the thing about expectations – they are often a reflection of the social mirror rather than our own values and priorities. I “should” show up more online. I “should” use all marketing tools at my disposal. I “should” spend more time creating, innovating, launching, selling. 

But deep down, I want my summers to be family-focused. I didn’t become a business owner to sacrifice my well being and time with my kids. I want to be outside and feel the sunshine. I like being the summer camp counselor to my boys with my visor and matching fanny pack. 

Because I know that just like the summer season, and any season, this season of life shall pass, too. 

So, next time you get frustrated about ANYTHING related to business building, think about whether or not it’s because of an expectation that might be out of alignment with your values and priorities.

So, how do we get clear on our unique values and priorities?

Instead of thinking about what you value and what you prioritize from the lens of a roadmap…

Think about it from the lens of a compass. What is your true north leading you to?

What gets one person from point A to point B might not look the same for you.

The greatest minds in the business building arena aren’t sharing cookie cutter processes. 

They’re sharing ways in which you can discover your own unique, one-of-a-kind process for creating your unique, one-of-a-kind success. A compass, not a roadmap.

Have you noticed a trend happening all around us?

The way we do business is changing. The way we market is changing. 

And if you let it, your heart will begin to pull you towards the leaders who are truly leading you back to yourself – your innate knowing, truth and being. 

You know more than you think. 

You’re capable of more than you think. 

Let your compass guide you. 

And if you feel compelled for some guidance, take a look at my now digitally remastered L.I.F.E. Method – an approach to building an aligned life and business that puts you at the center of it all. 

Back in the sunshine we go.

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