What does selling with soul actually mean?

What does Selling with Soul actually mean?

What does it *actually* mean when you’re selling with soul?

It means you get to market yourself on your terms. Gone are the days of following someone else’s roadmap – one that wasn’t even meant for you. Listen: nobody holds the blueprint to your business’ success but you.

It means you get to DO LESS. When you’re fully aligned and convicted in your messaging, you don’t have to do very much but share the very thing that you’re so good at talking about. Creating content gets to be a lot easier when you’ve got a message to always bring it home to.

It means you get to set it and forget it. Instead of scrambling during a launch, flailing to get people to buy your offer, or throwing whatever looks good out there to see what sticks, you’re following a plan – your plan – and you get to have full faith in that… because it’s an accurate reflection of YOU and how you want to show up, be seen, and shine.

I teach people how to sell with soul – NOT MY SOUL – theirs. This requires the other person to not only have some skin in the game, but it takes full honesty, integrity, and radical self-discovery.

In The Soul’d Marketing Workshop Series, we achieve this clarity. And, I’ve included below a little candyland inspired graphic for how we get there, together.


With The L.I.F.E. Method, The S.O.U.L. Method, and The L.O.V.E. Method, you’ll learn how to:

Create messaging that accurately reflects the actual transformation you provide. 

Structure your marketing with integrity – in a way that doesn’t compromise your energy, boundaries or wholeness. 

Monetize yourself in a way that honors your multidimensionality. 

This is selling with soul. Not my soul, but yours.

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