Moving in Marketing with Trust instead of Pressure

Moving in Marketing with Trust instead of Pressure

Today I want to talk about moving in marketing – with trust instead of pressure.

I did a meditation that took me on a “year ahead” journey. Who would I be a year from now?

What I saw was a more radiant, expansive, relaxed, peaceful, powerful and energized version of myself. It was a version of myself that was so contained – not in a forced, controlled way, but in a way that reflected a different kind of power. 

In the meditation, I was able to ask her, “What habits have gotten you here? And, what habits have you released along the way?”

A lot of the responses I received had to do with trust.

Trusting myself to know myself.

Trusting the divine within me and around me.

Trusting that I will act when called.

It’s still so easy to feel the pressure to move.

Whether it’s because a coach is “coaching you” to do so based on their own experiences and beliefs. 

Or, it’s because you need money in the bank and rent isn’t going to pay itself. 

Or, it’s because everyone around you is “doing something” and so why aren’t you?

When I looked at myself a year from now, she was so incredibly in her own integrity, in her own power, in her own timeline and reality. 

She wasn’t concerned about what so-and-so thinks about how you should show up in business.

She was in such a deep state of receivership within her own energetic body that money was simply received, because she was always open to receiving. 

She didn’t need to do anything outside of being open to inspiration, listening with anticipation, and dwelling in the excitement of “anything is possible.”

She had let go of the control. 

She had surrendered to uncertainty.

She had finally freed herself of an outdated paradigm that she simply outgrew. 

I’m sharing this because amidst the noise of thousands of consultants and experts and coaches telling you to “trust me, trust me,” I want you to trust you. 

This is the foundation of all of my work. 

I will never project my beliefs and experiences onto you.

I will never expect or ask you to show up in a way that compromises your boundaries, energy or wholeness. 

I will never let you move outside of your own integrity. 

How can you work with me? Right now, there are 3 ways:

The Meet-Up: A 90-minute 1:1 where we discuss anything marketing-related you want to *finally* be aligned with and empowered by. 

The Mega: A half-day 1:1 where you complete my Main Methods self-study program in your own time. When you’re ready, we meet and make meaning of your discoveries together, and I take some time to put a marketing strategy together for you. 

The Main Methods Program: Take my signature digital program (featuring all three of my methods) in your own time. With recordings and workbooks, you can complete the program in as little as 3 hours or over the course of a weekend. 

You’ll walk away with a marketing strategy that feels refreshed, revitalized and completely reflective of who you are, what you stand for, and how you can truly help others. 

It’s another way to be “contained.” Not with force or control, but with integrity and the very essence that is you. 


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