The BS within Marketing We've Gotta Stop Doing

The BS within Marketing We’ve Gotta Stop Doing

I’ve seen my fair share of BS within marketing over the years. One example…

“Let’s rocket launch your life and business.”

“This will rocket launch your offerings.”

“I’m going to rocket launch your business for you.”

“Are you really going to rocket launch my business?” -What I want to say to every coach, consultant, mentor, etc. who sells using those terms. 

This isn’t selling with soul. Why? Because it lacks precision, clarity, and most importantly, integrity.

(And this is just one very common example of how marketing can come off like a bunch of BS.)

Today I’m sharing with you 3 ways marketing no longer sounds like BS when you’re actually selling with soul.

  1. You can readily and eloquently say what you do and mean it. 

This may not be the case with you, but so many of my clients would say that they’d get so tongue tied and flabbergasted when someone would ask, “So, what do you do for work?” In response, they’d box up what they do into a label “I’m a therapist, I’m a life coach, I’m a massage therapist, etc.” Or, they’d feel like their “elevator pitch” was inappropriate for the environment or too wordy that they’d feel compelled to come up with something on the fly. When you get to the heart of what you do – it gets to be so much easier to talk about. (And actually, what you *truly* do for others is something you already *love* talking about.)

  1. You can drop the cliches and really hone in on what makes you, you.

If I could get a dollar for every time I heard a bodyworker tell me that what they do is “relieve pain,” I’d have an incredibly lucrative side gig! Yes, this is an amazing benefit of what you do, but it’s not actually what you do. What you do is reflective in the transformation you provide. This is the *thing* that happens to your clients that you have achieved for yourself. You know what it is. You can feel it in your bones. You can see it in their eyes. It’s something deeper than the surface level stuff we’ve been told to sell. 

  1. Because you’re now so convicted in your messaging, you show up as a whole new vibe.

And this is what attracts people right to you. My role as your marketing consultant is to help you become more like a magnet. I can’t do that unless you and I get to the heart of what you do and then create a plan from there. But once you’re here, once you’re in this place of “wow, so this is how I help and serve people,” your energy totally changes. The game changes. You’re attracted the right people to you. 

Now is the time to really own what you do.

To really be a lighthouse for those who need you.

To effectively and ethically sell something real, related and resonant. 

It’s time to step into the business owner you were meant to be. 

And if this sounds like something you’d like some help with, I can be there with you each step of the way (at least for all 31 days of March!)

I’ve amped up my Soul’d Marketing Workshop Series to include 1:1 email support for the entire month. This means:

  1. Regular email check-ins from yours truly,
  2. Opportunities for you to have me review something, provide feedback on something, strategize something, etc.,
  3. A helping hand just an email away as we journey through the workshop series during the entire month of March together. 

Workshop dates are: all Mondays in March from 12pm to 2pm at Tribe Healing Arts

Space is limited to maintain a small group dynamic. 

Together we will:

  1. Create messaging that truly reflects the actual transformation you provide. 
  2. Create a marketing plan that is made with integrity so that you are not compromising your energy, boundaries, or wholeness.
  3. Begin to create a monetization strategy that honors your multidimensionality. 

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