Perspective Shift: Turn Doubt Into Data

Perspective Shift: Turn Self-Doubt Into Data

Let’s talk about self-doubt. 

What does doubt feel like to you?

For me, when feelings of doubt come up, it feels:

  • Heavy
  • Constricting
  • Tension in my chest
  • Tightness in my throat
  • The sense of impending doom

And at what moment do you start to doubt yourself?

For me, it’s the moments when:

  • It looks like things aren’t going as planned.
  • The timeline I’ve set for myself isn’t accurate.
  • The expectations I’ve made aren’t going to be met. 
  • The path looks more challenging than I thought.

And so, when I think about these moments, I wonder, can I create a fork-in-the-road instance where I give myself the opportunity to think differently? 

Can I catch myself before I run down the road of self-doubt, and instead choose the road of data?

Can I look at these moments as lessons, pivot points, opportunities to attune and align myself better, and see the gift instead of the grief?

Because this way of thinking is what will keep me in my power. 

Self-doubt strips it away. 

It doesn’t serve me. 

So, when you think about how doubt has held you back and left you feeling disempowered in your own business building endeavors, is there a way you can transform it into data?

With this Full Moon in the fiery sign of Aries, we have a fantastic opportunity to use those fires to alchemize and transmute the obstacles on our path.

We have the opportunity to turn the fear of doubt into the love of data, of information, of input, of much-needed insights for greater alignment. 

Instead of making those tricky moments mean doubt so that we feel more powerless… 

Can they mean something else so that we feel more powerful?

How would that serve you?

And, on that note, because of the gift that data brings, I have moved the date and time for the next live, in-person workshops to begin in October. New dates are below. 

October 6: This is the start date for the 4-part workshop series. We meet at Tribe for 90-minutes on a weekly basis and I work with you to build your marketing strategy.

October 7: This is the 1-day intensive version of the workshop. We meet virtually from 9am to 4pm, with a 1 hour break at 12pm. 

I’m offering those who sign up for the October series or intensive a free 90-minute 1:1 with me to be used at anytime for the remainder of the year. (This is a $222 value, expiring on Jan 1 2024. This is the only time I will be offering this!) 

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