When You're Soul'd, Integrity is Everything

When You’re Soul’d, Integrity is Everything

One of those big themes on a collective level is this: Integrity.

The vibe of the times…
The new paradigm…
The new collective consciousness…

…Whatever you wanna call it!

It requires that we assess, develop and fortify our ability to respond in integrity.

Translation: Integrity with your sense of self is everything.

If there was one thing 2023 did, it was putting you back in full fcking integrity with yourself.

This is what moves us now – our own individual integrity. This is what dictates our actions, what fuels our internal fire, what propels us forward towards self-actualization.

So what does being in integrity have to do with building a soulful business?

👉 If you’re not in integrity with yourself, the forward steps you’re taking in your business will require two steps back.

👉 If you’re not in integrity with yourself, those coaches and mentors (who are also human) might project their fear-based thoughts and beliefs onto you, and you might buy into it and set yourself back.

👉 If you’re not in integrity with yourself, you’ll continue to doubt yourself and lack trust in your God-given instincts, intuition and inspiration.  

2023 was the last year that I allowed others to make me think, believe, act, do or be anything that wasn’t aligned with my own sense of self. 

Let it be your last year, too.

How do you make this happen? I’ve got three suggestions: 

  1. Work only with those who keep you in your integrity. (Hi, it’s me. 👋) This means you’ve gotta have skin in the game. If you want to make a lasting impact, if you want to create sustainable wealth, if you want to set yourself apart from the rest, you’ve gotta select colleagues, partners, mentors and coaches who know how to do this for themselves AND who will never push you to go against yourself. 
  2. Know how to discern between an opinion, viewpoint or perspective and a flat-out projection. One of the biggest issues I see in the coaching/consulting profession today is that coaches and consultants project their fear-based beliefs onto their clients like wildfire. In turn, it keeps their clients stuck, makes them feel distrustful of themselves, and creates a toxic codependent dynamic. Enough of this. When someone projects their viewpoints that are rooted in scarcity and lack as “truth” and “fact” – run.
  3. Regularly cleanse and call back your power (aka – your sense of self.) I do this daily, at least. And, some days, I gotta do it hourly – LOL! Call upon Archangel Michael to bring upon you a pillar of white light that singes and scorches all of that which is not you off and send it back to light. 

Greatness requires integrity. It’s time to step into yours.

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