Integrity with Your Sense of Self = Soul'd

Integrity with Your Sense of Self = Soul’d

Here’s a question I’ve been leaning into lately: “What is the level of leadership I need to step into in order to hold what I desire?”

This is a loaded question, because, based on my programming, all that would come up was the dreadful sense of pressure. 

Because within my entrepreneurial lineage, pressure was just part of the job. 

Because within my own past stories of success, pressure played a big role. 

Because within my upbringing, schooling, mentorship, employment, etc. the more responsibility I had, the more pressure I experienced. 

Greater leadership to me meant more responsibility, which to my mind, body and soul, meant more pressure. 

And that road is simply not going to work for me anymore.

Now, within full integrity with myself, I understand and define leadership and responsibility a little differently.

Responsibility is: My ability to respond in integrity. That’s it.

Leadership gets to be easy if I focus on honoring myself, my process, my people, my passion instead of trying to control it all.

Leadership gets to be simple if I have full clarity and conviction in my innate gifts, my voice and my purpose. 

Leadership gets to be enjoyable if I can trust in my capacity to create and stick to a structure that allows for my creativity to flow freely.

If I’m going to be honest with you, I’ve made entrepreneurship a lot harder than it needs to be. 

Because that was the way.

But now, I am the way. I am *my* way. 

And so are you. 

Join me on Monday, February 12 at 11:00am for my next 60-minute masterclass called: The Creator Container, a space where you will create the structure to support your marketing flow. 

What will we do in this space together? Here’s what I plan to teach and show you:

  • How to structure your very own weekly CEO day. (This is where you prep your marketing for the entire week ahead!)
  • Step by step suggestions for your container starting with a theme, a message, one piece of content, and ongoing creations from there.
  • Systems to utilize and examples of what your marketing might look like for you.
  • Hot seat opportunities will be available if time permits!

They say that I’m the “perfect mix of corporate and creative.” Coming from the corporate world into the creative space, I have the ideas, insight and intuitive hits to create protocols and strategy that actually work for you and how *you* want to show up for your marketing.

Let me help you start 2024 with something you can stick to (and have fun implementing!)

Book your spot here.

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