The Biggest Money Myth of All

The Biggest Money Myth of All: Debt is Bad

The biggest money myth of all: Debt is BAD.

This idea was ingrained into my thinking for as long as I can remember.

But it’s this exact way of thinking that perpetuates the shame, the guilt, and the never ending loop that just creates more of it.

Even the “conscious” money mindset coaches and consultants will distinguish between good and bad debt.

Enough of the all or nothing thinking already. (Aren’t we passed this yet?)

Here’s what I believe: Debt has its own divine role to play in life.

How has it carried you when you needed to be carried?

How has it held you when you needed to be held?

How has it saved you when you needed to be saved?

Yes, we all need to work with debt in a “responsible” way because in this day and age, it has consequences.

My way of thinking DOES NOT mean that we simply act like debt isn’t an issue or can’t create problems in our lives.

Instead, understanding debt differently allows you to: 1) change the energy you have around it, which then 2) changes the emotions, feelings and beliefs you have around it, which then 3) changes the actions you take as it relates to it.

See where I’m going here?

Want to know a fun fact? In Latin, “debt” means due, duty, obligation.

And want to know an even MORE fun fact? In Latin, credit means: “he believes.”

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