Is Divine Timing part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Is Divine Timing Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

The energy is buzzing! A little fun astro fact about me – my south node is in Libra at 21 degrees so right now I’m like: WOAH.

The stars have definitely reminded me, yet again, that divine timing has got to be part of our marketing strategies.

It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking things are “not working for us.”

“I feel like I’m not making any progress.”

“Nobody has signed up for my offerings yet.”

“I don’t know if people are even paying attention to my content.”

“I get crickets after posting something.”

I’ve been there.

Sometimes it’s data. Sometimes you really do need to change up the strategy, get clearer on the messaging, be a little more consistent in your approach, or create a lit up campaign around something. 

But also, sometimes it’s good ol’ divine timing.

Here’s my opinion: I think we go through what we go through so that we increase our mental and emotional capacity to handle the big things we desire on the other side. 

And as much as we think we might be ready, more often than not, there’s another tweak, attunement, adjustment, pivot we need to make that will make everything *so much more* sweeter than we could have planned for ourselves. 

So, yes, you could say I believe the Universe has our backs. 

And, yes, I’ve been through some things. I’m still saying it – louder and prouder. 

Because who I am today is more capable of holding everything that I desire more than ever before.  

Yes, the big picture vision matters.

Yes, the message matters.

Yes, the marketing strategy matters.

Yes, the action steps matter. 

But if you’re building a business based on a soul mission that is rooted in the divine that resides inside of you, let the divine that resides outside of you have a say too. 

It knows things. And it’s working for you. 

See you on the other side. 

Scroll down for the adjustments I’ve made in my offerings as a result of data and divine timing. 

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